Verses of Versus

by Nuda Veritas

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opposites, paradox, contention, dichotomies


released May 14, 2011



all rights reserved


Nuda Veritas Somerville, Massachusetts

Nuda Veritas is an audio/visual installation artist as well as a live looping musician living in Boston, well, actually Somerville, but you know.

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Track Name: Sheets
I washed you right out of my sheets
So I could be alone when I sleep

I don't need you
Most, most, most of the time

I asked you to comfort me
When my world was coming apart at the seams.
You answered impassively,
"You made your bed, you gotta lie in it"
Though it's cold and lonely.

When I need you you're not there
Most, most, most of the time.
Track Name: L-I-V-I-N
The radio is blasting some news unfit to print.
A father is lambasting his kid for being a kid.
And I am out back on the porch,
smoking spliffs, L-I-V-I-N.
Track Name: Zodiac for the End of Time (Lion's Share)
Just the other day, I swear I saw it.
Yellow eyes, peeking out of the brush.
Though the media would like to deny it,
I swear, it spoke in a guarded hush.
The contents of that conversation
Are somewhat classified.
And I don't know how long I stood there;
Time froze and flew by at the very same time.
The gist of it was somewhat akin
to life demystified.
Which I why I am pissed I don't remember
That Lion's diatribe.
But of course, of course how could they trust us
Lowly human beings with such divine information?
Knowing full well we'd turna dn spill the beans
The the general population, the general population.
I suppose you're all sitting there wondering
"What the hell does this girl mean?"
Let me take a moment, my friends,
And bring you all up to speed.

Here is how it all went down:

I woke up this morning, a day like any other.
I flipped on the morning news.
A fluff piece of journalism, you know the ones,
Designed to detract from our world so cruel.
I saw a fella there, hair unkempt, a wild look in his eye,
What an interesting dude.
The sound faded up and the newsreporter
Asked him to expound on his unique views.
Here is a synapses of what he said:
The anchorman scoffed and he kinda smirked,
Thinking this guy couldn't be serious.
By that time I had to go, I grabbed my cup of joe,
Ran out of the house feeling a little delirious.
I got in my car, I didn't get too far
Before the traffic was lined up as far as I could see.
It was stop-and-go, interminably slow
I had plenty of time to think about his prophecy.
Then all in a flash, I almost crashed,
Some asshole was trying to switch into my lane.
The car jerked and swayed, my coffee sprayed,
I yelled, "What are you, fucking INSANE?!"
I was covered in joe, pulled my car off the road
And I hoped that my anger would melt away.
Then, as if from my head, I heard a voice that said,
"You were never in any danger anyway."
My eyes opened wide and they fixed on some pines
And I swear that I saw some eyes looking at me.
I got out and stood, I braced myself on the hood,
And I started to walk towards those trees.
Now that we're on the same page,
Let's go back to the refrain....
Track Name: Anachronistic Heart
I remain here,
Carefully applying my slick veneer.
I dare you to go ahead and pick any other year.
Take me now, take me then,
Draw contrasts and compare.

I miss me, the way I was when we were together.

You remain there,
Seemingly thriving and settled down, I fear.
I know what meets the eye ain't always as it appears.
Take you now, take you then
Draw contrasts and compare.

I miss you, the way you were when we were together.

I miss us, the way we were when we were together.
Track Name: Opposites Attack
The preamble to my breaking down in the same thing
As the postlude to my screwing around.
Girl, down you think it's time to retire
From this supine life?
I am the liar. And I'm the one believing the lies.
I'm the defier. And I'm the one being defied.
For someone who claims to spout truth, I'm one cagey bitch.
Pretend to be sweet and couth; unleash the tiger at the slightest itch.
Scientific study in two extremes.
Your intervening options don't do it for me.
Track Name: Series of Supposed to Bes
Geronimo, here I go. Everybody look out down below.
It's better when I relinquish control.

Zaftig girl, get good grades, validated by your praise.
I guess a combination of the two
Would have rendered me unstoppable much too soon.
Evil city, juggernaut, opposite of what I thought.
Cathartic days and snowy nights
Internecine girls gone wild.

And all this time wasted wasted,
Blurring the demons around the fire....

So far, I think I've got it nailed,
Wouldn't say that I've sailed through.
But my attention is focused and I have noticed
All that has been adumbrated.
I feel blessed and elated to have been made privvy
To sybilline thoughts and occurrence.

Geronimo, here I go. Everybody look out down below.
It's so much better when I relinquish control.

Birthday party divebomb bender, faith in God alone defends her.
The apple doesn't fall too far from the tree
A mirror reflecting back at me.
Paradox horoscope screaming take a closer look
Written word expounds on what I already knew
Thoughts that have been brewing a year or two.
Alter ego ultimatum, I could love 'em, leave 'em, hate 'em.
A showcase of two extremes begging allegiance to either team.

And all these signs, dancing like a phantasmagoria
In my mind....

So far, I'm hardly complete.
I'm standing knee deep
In the devices I use and vices I abuse
Only to get myself through
Guess I'm saying it's true
It's easier not to try than to risk what you'll lose.

Fate is pushing, pulling me.
Track Name: Autonomy Isn't Automatic
Something doesn't feel quite right,
It happens all the time.
When expectations up and ruin surprise.
Hearts on sleeves, what is yours is mine.
Everything created for a million ears and eyes.
Track Name: Didactic Ditty
I hope this doesn't come off as a pathetic attempt at a lesson.
But if I do say, the moral of this tale
Is you better really love what you're doing.

I've been wearing the same green bra
For the last few years.
It has served me well in that time
And now it frays at the seams.
You've been wearing that same ugly frown
For the past few years.
Fixture, pillar, your sullen facade
Precipitated by your own fear of living.

All you gotta do is change your mind.
Self-perpetuated bear trap keeps contentment confined.
All you gotta do is change your mind.

I've been meaning to buy a new bra
For the last few years.
But I've grown accustomed to this
And thus willing to suffer for convenience.
You've been meaning to change your scene
For the past few years.
Projections, rejections, plans falling through.
Sabotaged by your own fear of living.

All you gotta do...

Now it seems you're wearing the bra
And I the look of gloom.
I have decided not to address
The big, fat elephant in the room.
Now it seems you're moving ahead
On this path for yourself that you've groomed.
While I remain mired in this muck
That sucks me further and further from the truth.